Honoring Linda Suh

Founder and CEO, Cloud b

The MaxLove Project story begins with Cloud b. It all began in late-August 2011 when SuperMax came home from over three weeks in the hospital after brain surgery. He was 4 1/2 years-old, immobile, and very afraid of the dark.  The four nightlights in his room proved insufficient to soothe his fears.  Max's mom immediately ran out to purchase a Cloud B Twilight Turtle, hoping that the soothing stars would do the trick.  Max held the turtle with the green stars projecting on his ceiling up to the back of his head and showed his mommy how he's able to help heal himself.  Max said, “look mommy! I’m healing!” This was such a remarkable display of empowerment, as well as the therapeutic aspects of positivity and stress relief, that Max's family decided to find a way to share these amazing toys with other SuperKids fighting cancer.  

Max’s mom wrote an email to Cloud b requesting support to purchase the Twilight Turtle at a discounted rate to send to children fighting cancer across the nation. The company’s CEO promptly replied that Cloud b would be happy to donate product for this worthy cause. Almost three years later, MaxLove Project has partnered with Cloud b to donate and distribute approximately $200,000 worth of Twilight Turtles to SuperKids fighting cancer and related rare diseases around the world. On top of all of that goodness, Cloud b developed the innovative and giving Super Max the Turtle inspired by Max's battle and all SuperKids!

Cloud b was founded by Linda Suh in 2002 and is a pioneer in creating innovative products and programs designed to help children sleep better. By combining technology and science with care and style, Cloud b has designed an award-winning line of products that help nurture the bonds between parents and their children.